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Susan Dewitt Wilder Interiors
Susan Dewitt Wilder Interiors
Susan Dewitt Wilder Interiors

Do you want to redecorate your home, to create a place where you feel more “at home”?

Do you plan to sell your home and want to make it more buyer friendly?

I can help.

You cannot believe how much this redecoration has meant in my life. You are like a therapist for the house. See Results

Now I don’t have to travel to find the sanctuary I was seeking, I can just go home. That ‘stuck’ feeling I was carrying around with me has lifted and I’m ready to make other changes in my life as well. See Susan Will ...

Please explore my website and either call or e-mail me. Our initial meeting is free.*

Susan DeWitt Wilder

To introduce yourself to me, you can complete this survey and return it to me by email.

*Free one-hour consultation at an initial meeting in southern and mid-coast Maine. The fee for other meetings and services, including shopping with or for clients, is $50 per hour. Travel time beyond 15 minutes from Scarborough, Maine is charged at $25 per hour.