Whole Home Resource

NH house

offers architectural design services for homeowners planning renovation, addition and restoration, considering the owners’ needs, historic and aesthetic elements of the home, and the site.

Paul Austin of Whole Home Resource provides a comprehensive service not available from any other single source, offering evaluation, ideas, advice, architectural drawing, and assistance with permitting.

Davis House is S. Carolina

Whole Home Resource can help you...

  • ...see the possibilities for changes and improvements.
  • ...improve your floor plan to gain space and efficiency.
  • ...prioritize projects logically to work economically.
  • ...do it yourself with planning and guidance.
  • ...develop conceptual drawings to visualize changes.
  • ...prepare drawings for competitive quotes and building permits.
  • ...renovate and maintain original features.
  • ...communicate with contractors.
  • ...$ave time and money by planning!
Marsh cabin

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Paul to schedule a free appointment in southern and mid-coast Maine to review his portfolio and discuss your needs.

Paul W. Austin
Scarborough, Maine