Whole Home Resource


Since 2002 Paul has worked with more than 25 clients each year on projects from the very small to the very large. Typical projects include:

  • Kitchen redesign to improve efficiency and traffic patterns;
  • Sunroom design;
  • Redesign of second floor office, guest space, and master bedroom;
  • Design of two-story addition (660 sq ft) with porches (460 sq ft) on a beach house;
  • Condo redesign including new kitchen, staircase, three dormers and upstairs bedroom, bath and dressing room from unfinished space;
  • Design for conversion of two baths to larger bath, storage space and entry hall;
  • Design of large two-car garage with master suite and new kitchen, connecting two existing buildings (1980 sq ft);
  • Designs for converting basements, attics, and garages into living space;
  • Design of 2,106 sq ft Victorian addition;
  • Design for dining room, four-car garage and conversion of current garage into living space (2200 sq ft);
  • Working with client to identify new house site, design of foundation plans, and coordinating house moving;
  • Conceptual drawings for façade and interior redesign;
  • Design of addition with living and bedroom space connecting house and garage;
  • Drawings for quotes and permits;
  • Advising a do-it-yourselfer over a three-year period.

About Paul Austin

Paul has 30 years of experience redesigning, rebuilding and restoring homes. After studying design and engineering in college, he worked as a design engineer and industrial manager.

He enjoys the relationships he has built with Whole Home Resource clients while working together to discover and provide what the client really needs. He places great importance on integrating his designs with the existing structure and its surroundings.

Paul is involved in his community, serving as Chair of the Scarborough Conservation Commission, member of Scarborough Parks and Conservation Land Board, and as board member of the Scarborough Land Conservation Trust. In his spare time he works with his wife, Susan DeWitt Wilder, to restore their 1883 home in “Downeast” North Carolina.


The first meeting, in southern and mid-coast Maine, is free. Thereafter the rate is $65.00 per hour. Travel time beyond 15 minutes from Scarborough, Maine is charged at one-half rate.