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A collection of quotes from architecture and interior design articles

They’ve also acquired an English bulldog named Rose, chosen because her breed seemed so appropriate to the architecture.

Salutes to European elegance are everywhere—the handpainted wallpapers..., the Scalamadré silk fabric on the sofas, the French canopy of the master bed. There are fine antiques and formal pieces.... But the overall effect is red-blooded American. “We didn’t buy anything because it had a pedigree,” says Sommers.

Town & Country, January 2011
[Except, we assume, the bulldog.]
My clients loved the idea of a central island [in their kitchen.] I planned to top it with a slab of granite, but they didn’t like how cold stone can be. I solved this problem by heating the slab from below...our crew installed an electrical radiant-heat mat in the subcounter. —Fine Homebuilding, Fall/Winter 2007
In Lily Kanter’s library...The backward-facing books turn what could have been a distracting jumble into a neutral element. —Country Home, March 2008
Believe me—lavender is the new neutral.
Cottage Living, October 2006
The vast living area can serve as a great ‘social chamber’—and often does, with its world-class views of the ocean and professional-grade kitchen at the ready.
Coastal Living, October 2005
...she has an irreverence that sometimes veers into impracticality, as in her kitchen island’s beautifully patinated zinc top, which curves like an upside-down surfboard. ‘It’s totally not functional—we lose a dish here and there,’ she says with a laugh.
House and Garden, September 2006
Imagine if your kitchen reflected the essence of your lifestyle—confidence, purpose, and a beautiful façade.
Cottage Living, October 2006
We deserve to live in fantastic places. We don’t need to compromise anymore with our aesthetic and our style because there are products now that fit our dreams.
Maine Sunday Telegram, 2/05/06
For all its charm, it’s still a working space: ‘This kitchen is about featuring main appliances instead of hiding them.’
Coastal Living, October 2005
The consumer is recognizing, ‘I want this. This is quality of life. It’s graciousness.’
Portland Press Herald, 9/06